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Updated: Jul 11, 2019


The original Richmond Clerk’s and Probate Court Office (1908 to 1966), owned by the Society, occupied a small building at 24 Carolina Main Street on land presently owned by member Reinhard Straub. Over the years Richard Wolke has hoped it could be restored and used as a small museum to house artifacts and documents recording the village’s history.

To that end, starting in the early 2000s, he began the restoration. To date the roof has been replaced, the building electrified, the inside gutted with a new ceiling and floor, walls papered with wallpaper suggested by the Boston Historical Society and resembling the original closely, a large 19th century safe obtained, and a wood stove donated. Most of the funds for this work have come from grants. A few years ago, Member Straub kindly had the building repainted.

Presently, Richard is working on restoring Clerk Oscar Barber’s roll top desk. Unfortunately, the original roll top was lost so another was purchased that fits the original desk. Now the old desk must be refinished and an attempt made to match the new roll top. In addition, help is needed in sanding and repainting a display case donated by Member Mark Trimmer.

Richard would welcome volunteers to help create a Carolina History Museum. He has many photos to hang and has designed and made canvas prints of the village timeline. He seeks minds with creativity since he seems to lack that quality.

If interested please contact us at

Main Street, Carolina, R.I. (From R to L) Richmond Town Clerk's Office, former home of Town Clerk Oscar E. Barber, home of former Town Clerk Hazel Holman Dyson

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