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Upcoming Events

RI-RD020 cemetery view.jpeg
May 4th - Veteran Flag placements-Meet at 9 am at Clark Memorial Library
May 6th - Monthly meeting of the Richmond Historic Cemetery Group.  Meet at Senior Center i n Richmond at 5:30 pm.
May 11th - Cemetery Hike of the DeCoppett Family Property.  Meet at 9 am on Hillsdale Road
May 15th - RI State Cemetery Commision Meeting at 6:30 pm at Warwick Library
Richmond Historic Cemetery Programs

We are looking for people interested in the following programs:

1. Caretaker Program - Clean Cemeteries & Assess condition of all Richmond

2.  Lost Cemeteries

3.  Perpetual Care - Research & Monitor

4.  Cemetery Signs - Install or replace as needed

5. Tax Abatement - To property owners with a cemetery on their land

6.  Community Service - Requests from the public

7.  Veteran Flags - On graves by Memorial Day

8.  Tax Maps - Put all cemeteries on tax maps

9.  April - Statewide Historic Cemetery Preservation/Awareness day & RIHCC click on events

10.  Photograph Headstones - Add to database

If interested contact, Dory Wagner via email

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